PMDC Motors for Ventilators

A ventilator in its simplest form, is compression and decompression of Ambu bag to assist ventilation. Recent developments of ventilators, in the outbreak of Corona, uses screw jack mechanism to inflate and deflate the Ambu bag.

We at Pranshu provide Permanent Magnet DC motor, 12 V / 24 V ; 1500 rpm coupled with gear box to operate the screw jack assembly which inflates or deflates the Ambu bag. There are other D series magnets which you can explore for your ventilator application. Click on the following link to explore our range of PMDC motors D Series Permanent Magnet DC Servo motors

Pranshu Electricals offers Motors with high durability and reliability PMDC Motors for ventilators. We are supplying Permanent magnet DC motor for motors for ventilators for more than 5 years.