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PMDC Motors for Shrink Wrapping and packaging machine

For shrink wrapping machine we offer geared PMDC motors which enable the machine to deliver constant torque on the belt drive. We are the leading manufacturers of PMDC motors for Shrink wrapping machine. Our PMDC motors are highly effecient and delivers very good torque. With less consumption of current and delivering optimum torque, our PMDC motors are cost effective. Our PMDC motors come with podwer coating and are durable and have longer life.

We have been delivering our motors to major shrink wrapping machine manufacturers, and are associated with them for over a decade and continue to grow. We specialize in making custom motors for our shrink wrapping manufacturers i.e. as per requirement we can change the speed, voltage and torque of the motor. For shrink wrapping we provide following range of motors: E and D Series Permanent Magnet DC Servo motors with Ferrite magnets

These motors are most suitable for the wrapping and packaging machinery and delivers best results.

Pranshu Electricals offers Motors with high durability and low power consumption. These Motors are the most common motors used in industrial motion control systems, with rugged design, low cost and low maintenance.