Application Overview


Pranshu is the manufacturer of motors for Ventilators. For more than 5 years Pranshu has been providing DC motors for ventilators.[read more..]

Cricket Bowling machine

Pranshu is the leading manufacturer of motors for cricket bowling machine in India providing motors to almost all major manufacturers. [read more..]

Packaging Machine

Pranshu offers a range of brush DC motors for Packaging machine equipment. These motors have several unique features that result in compact, efficient solutions. Pranshu is the Leading supplier of motors in India for Packaging machines since last decade. [read more..]

Solar tracking machine

Pranshu has specialized in solar tracker application and has been supplying brushed DC motors to the clients globally. Pranshu has special design for solar tracker motors. These Motors have special features against ingress of Water and dust. They can withstand corrosive and humid atmosphere.[read more..]

Switch and Disconnectors

Pranshu has specially built customized motors with very compact dimensions for intermittent operation. Very high starting torque and very good regulation make these motors superior to universal motors.[read more..]

Stirrers And Dozers

Pranshu has the standard range of motors for Laboratory as well as industrial stirrer and shaker. [read more..]