Square Body Motors

Square Body Motor*Based on adequate air flow around motor, i.e., open air stream behind propeller
**Max I can be present for 30 seconds
All Afterburner motors are rated for 60,000 RPM operation and use ABEC 5 bearings
For the best efficiency, your ESC should be setup with 8º to 15º advance, and a switching rate of 10 to 20kHz.
The above motors have 4 poles.

Model (Lead Side Exit) Kv Io@8V Rm P In* I Max I** Max V Shaft Dia Weight
Sq -042-060-2200 2200RPM/V 2.80A 0.004 Ω 920W 102A 123A 27V 5mm 290g
Sq -042-060-1800 1800RPM/V 2.30A 0.006 Ω 920W 82A 99A 33V 5mm 290g
Sq -042-060-1500 1500RPM/V 1.40A 0.008 Ω 920W 77A 93A 40V 5mm 290g
Sq -042-070-2000 2000RPM/V 2.60A 0.005 Ω 1100W 96A 115A 30V 5mm 340g
Sq -042-070-1600 1600RPM/V 1.80A 0.007 Ω 1100W 85A 102A 38V 5mm 340g
Sq -042-080-2000 2000RPM/V 1.90A 0.006 Ω 1300W 98A 117A 30V 5mm 400g
Sq -042-080-1600 1600RPM/V 2.10A 0.006 Ω 1300W 97A 116A 38V 5mm 400g

NOTE: All 36mm round body motors of all lengths can be supplied in square body type.

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