RC motors

RC MotorWe are manufacturers of BLDC Motors ( Brushless D.C. Motors) for RC applications.
These RC motors can be used for following applications

  1. RC Cars
  2. RC Trucks
  4. RC BOAT

These motors are built using high power Rare earth Magnets, high precision bearings and precision machined components. These are available with different KVs in each model.

BLDC Motors

Following sizes are manufactured with different KV

Motor Models

Dia 12mm X 30mm

Dia 28mm X 32mm
Dia 28mm X 40mm
Dia 28mm X 56mm

Dia 36mm X 50mm
Dia 36mm X 60mm
Dia 36mm X 70mm
Dia 36mm X 80mm

38mm Square X 50mm long
38mm Square X 60mm long
38mm Square X 70mm long
38mm Square X 80mm long