Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pranshu?

We are leading manufacturers of Permanent Magnet DC Servo Motors and Printed Armature DC Servo Motors located in Aurangabad, India.

What is product range?
  • DC Motors
    • DC Motors
    • DC Servo Motors
    • DC Gear Motors
    • Controllers and Drives
    • Special Function Motors
  • Brush Less DC Motors
  • Printed Armature DC Servo Motors
What Services Pranshu provide?

Pranshu repairs all imported DC and AC Servo Motors.

What other services Pranshu provide?

Pranshu does Contract Manufacturing for you.

  • Pranshu manufacture the motor as per your design.
  • Pranshu makes a specific component for your motor.
What is Pranshu Known for?

Pranshu makes motor as per your requirements.

What are the advantages of Pranshu Motors?

Pranshu motor has proven for various advantages. They are

  • Higher achievable peak efficiency
  • Border range of higher efficiency
  • Integrally mounted low ripple tachogenerators.
  • Low mechanical time constants
  • Excellent performance with DC, SCR, or transistor power supply
  • Mechanical options (Brakes, Gearbox, Encoder, Blowers, etc.)
Why should I choose Pranshu Motors?

Top four reasons to choose Pranshu Motors,

  • Latest design in ceramic, alnico, and rare earth permanent magnet materials.
  • New space saving light weight DC Permanent Magnet Servo Motors
  • High horsepower and wide speed variations
  • Suits to precise RPM specifications with horsepower.
What are main highlights of Pranshu Motors?
  • Liner current / torque and speed / back EMF characteristics
  • No cogging or preferred rotor position
  • Low iron losses
  • Low starting voltage
  • Low rotor inertia for extremely fast acceleration and braking
  • Custom systems available from design to production
Why 200 satisfied customers prefer Pranshu?
  • ISO 9001-2000 certified company
  • Manufacturing DC Servo motors since 1994
  • Most of original equipment manufacturers use our motors
  • Developing motors for low quantity requirement
  • Proven import substitute product
  • Exporting motors to various countries including US for more than 7 years
  • Experience in motor application for more than 20 years
Why 200 satisfied customers come in Pranshu?
  • We help in selection of motors for any type of application
  • We provide Import substitute to your motor
  • We develop motors for low quantity requirement
  • We repair any type of imported servo motors