FacilityWe have suitable machineries like Press for making Cores, Microprocessor controlled Single flier winding machine, Double flier machine, Hot staking machine, Trickle Impregnation plant, Commutator polishing machine, Mica under cutting machine, Dynamic Balancing machine for Armature manufacturing. Proper toolings, Jigs fixtures are used for assembly of the motors.
Precision lathe machine, CNC Machine for machining of the components.
AutoCAD is used for all mechanical drawings. 3D modeling is done in Solid Edge for optimising the designs of various parts.

Why to choose Pranshu Motors!
Top four reasons!
  1. Latest design in ceramic, alnico, and rare earth permanent magnet materials.
  2. New space saving light weight DC Permanent Magnet Servo Motors.
  3. High horsepower and wide speed variations
  4. Suits to precise RPM specifications with horsepower.