Contract Manufacturing

Outsourcing the development and manufacturing of electric motors which are inherently labour intensive can contribute significantly to a company's profitability and return on investment.
Potential benefits include lower product cost, faster product introductions, higher quality and lower asset investment.
You can expand your range by out-sourcing the manufacture of products where the quantities are too small for you to manufacture in-house , yet may be essential for you to supply as a part of complete portfolio to your customers.
Pranshu's manufacturing facilities with a right mix of automation and manual labour enable us to build motors which are comparable to `American and European' made motors in performance and reliability. Our focus on benchmarking our processes against the best in the world and stringent quality norms result in significantly lower product failures and higher profitability in the long run.

Cost reduction and lower investments

Pranshu's lean manufacturing systems and significantly lower cost structure helps you compete more effectively with Asian imports. Your investment in any contract manufacturing program with Pranshu is much lower than doing the same activities in-house due to lower tooling cost and no investment in any machinery and inventories.

Product Development Skills

Our product engineering skills and R&D lab help us to develop motors from basic drawings or designs. We can be involved with your design team in joint development programs. We offer facilities for performance testing, product validation and endurance testing. We can also get third party testing in independent labs in India.

Strong quality assurance and process capability

Apart from our existing quality systems and process control methods, we will customize our quality systems depending on your requirements. We routinely use tools like TQM, FMEA, PPAP, Six Sigma in various projects to build appropriate level of quality and consistency in our products.