Case Study

Case studyOne of our customer was using a geared motor for shaker application. Shakers are used in very silent environment. It needs a low speed of 20 to 200 rpm. Gear box used to achieve low speed of 200 rpm. However cost of achieving low noise level in a gear box is very high. Moreover shakers are used 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. There will be heavy wear on the gears. Considering all these requirements, we designed a very special motor of a very low speed of 500 rpm. Customer was suggested to use timer belt and pulley to reduce the speed to 200 rpm by using a ratio of 2.5:1.

This made the shaker very silent. Life of the carbon brush was also very high due to low operating speed.

Like this we have hundreds of applications where customers were benefited by very small and simple solutions given to solve very complicated problems.